Festival program «INtonation 2022»

May 16th, Monday
Gathering of guests
Opening the festival
Master Class by Alexey Samodelko
Three-time winner of the «Golden Eagle» Prize, winner of the «TEFI» Award and the «APKIT» Award, sound engineer of such films as: «Legend No. 17», «Going Vertical», «T-34», «Silver Skates», «Сhernobyl», «Fire», «World Champion» and many others.

May 17th, Tuesday

Competition program

Nomination "Best Sound Solution in a Non-Fiction Movie"

Block 11:00 – 12:30
15 min. 15 sec., Russia

Sound engineer/music: Konstantin Chervyakov
SPBGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of A.A. Hasan-zadeh, E.V. Sladkovskaya, T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Idea/producer: Maria Vasilyeva (curator N. C. Sabelnikova)
Operator: Marina Nasekina (workshop of N. C. Volkov, S. M. Lando)

In Russia, the problem of accepting people with disabilities is extremely acute. It is based on the attitude towards them as people who are incapable of anything, and their "unity" is emphasized even inadvertently (social videos, films and programs).

The film clearly shows four main lines of behavior on the way to achieving the goal. They are intertwined with secondary characters and come together to eventually show how the differences between healthy people and people with disabilities are conditional.

07 min. 58 sec., Tunisia

Sound engineer/music: Noomen Noomen
High School of AudioVisual and Cinema ESAC Gammarth, University of Carthage

Director: Noomen Noomen

Coronavirus has spread around the world until the period of global quarantine that allowed people around the world to stay at home and then go back in time 1920 about the forgotten Spanish flu whose victims were most affected by COVID-19 in the end we learned that the coronavirus has no limits in Our world, Earth is becoming less polluted and we need to protect it because Earth is our home.
«Aphrodite 2.0»
22 min. 52 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Dmitry Yakibovskiy
Krasnodar State Institute of Culture, 5th year, workshop of T.N. Alexandrova.

Director: Arina Proshina-Kulik (workshop of S. C. Miroshnichenko, S.L. Muzychenko, VGIK)
Operator: Anna Azoyan
Producer: Yulia Kalashnikova

Olga Gracheva suddenly decided to radically change her life. In the past, an accountant, now she is a Master of Sports of international class in powerlifting.

This is a film about female strength, beauty and... loneliness. This is a film about modern Aphrodite, a new version of the mythical goddess.

Is it possible to exist in the 21st century and what is it like?

13 min. 51 sec., Turkey

Sound engineer: Dr. Aytekin Can
Selcuk Unıversity

Director: Mustafa Aydın

It is foreign to their own language and identity, it is a passenger. Neither his friends nor they belong to this land. They are stateless, homeless, landless people. The film tells the road story of the hope travelers who came to Turkey from Afghanistan in 60 days.
20 min. 23 sec., Russia

Sound engineer/music: Egor Nikitin
SPBGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of Y.A. Kubitsky.

Director/producer: Milana Vorobyova (workshop of A.P. Krivonos)
Operator: Sergey Kolotygin (workshop of M.Y. Levitina, A.N. Filippova)

Within the small, unremarkable city of Rtishchevo, there is an important railway junction. It crosses paths from north to south and from west to east. Due to the location of the node almost in the center of the country, the Rtishchevo station is also called "Crossroads of Russia". And the life of the whole city takes place in unison with the rhythm of the "crossroads".
«Plastic Pollution - Environmental Documentary»

5 min. 37 sec., Pakistan

Sound engineer: Laiba Shoaib
Szabist University

Director: Syed Jibran Safdar

Exploring the norms of plastic pollution specially located in Sea View Karachi, Pakistan, which is causing all the marine animals a huge lost in terms of aquatic life.
Break until 13:00
13:00 – 14:30
Presentation of “Oktava” company
- the legendary domestic brand of electroacoustic equipment, combining the best practices of the Soviet engineering school and the latest technological solutions.
Break until 15:30

Competition program

Nomination "Best Sound Solution in an Animated Film"

Block 15:30 – 17:00
«Girl and snail»
14 min. 45 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Anastasia Yurkova
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Directed by: Helga Efre
Operator: Ksenia Maltseva
Composer: Sergey Yarovoy
Producer: Vladimir Dyachkov

The girl loses her beloved grandfather, but the spirits of her ancestors help her cope with the loss.

2 min. 56 sec., Turkey

Sound engineer: Eylül Yarkin
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Director: Eylül Yarkin

The central character is an old fisherman named Santiago, who has not caught a fish for 84 days. Santiago takes his skiff far out into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, where he soon hooks a giant marlin. With all his great experience and strength, he struggles with the fish for three days, admiring its strength, dignity, and faithfulness to its identity; its destiny is as true as Santiago’s as a fisherman. He finally reels the marlin in and lashes it to his boat. However, Santiago’s exhausting effort goes for naught. Sharks are drawn to the tethered marlin, and, although Santiago manages to kill a few, the sharks eat the fish, leaving behind only its skeleton.

2 min. 46 sec., India

Sound engineer: Jahnab Roy
Satyajit Ray Film & TV Institute

Director: Siddhant Nag
Composer: David Renda

The story is set in a shady diner where we see a man,
Robby, staring into his cup of coffee, as he trails off into the darkest parts of his mind. In his mindscape we see him murder a woman in cold blood,
the aftermath of which is a series of him becoming aware of his own demons. An internal conflict is created between him and his darker reflections. In response, he tries to break them down but it only results in him being stranded alone, lost in his own mind. His reverie is broken by one of the waiters at the diner, jolting him back to reality.
«Save me»

4 min. 57 sec., Russia

Sound engineer/music: Mikhail Zhitkov
SPbGIKiT, 3rd year, workshop of T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkova.

Director: Ksenia Mikhailenko (workshop of G.V. Voropai)
Operator: Marina Sliverstova

The death of Sergei Bodrov in the Karmadon Gorge ended his life, but not love.

«Escape Velocity»

7 min. 43 sec., Hungary

Sound engineer/music: Gábor Erdélyi
Budapest Metropolitan University

Director: Tamás Rebák
Producer: Melinda Kiss

Escape velocity: the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body, without ever falling back.

An astronaut awakens in an abandoned cave of a strange planet. An interstellar vagabond, so to say. A light path leads him to the surface, where he looks at his compass and heads for his spaceship. He keeps glancing back, treading nervously, looking afraid. He has been chased by a creature for a long time, and his only way to break free is to escape this curious planet.
"The Tale of the Little Champion"
6 min. 4 sec., Mongolia

Sound engineer: Ayuurzana Purevdorzhiin
Mongolian State University of Culture and Arts. Bolor Gavagiin's workshop.

Directors: Otgonbuyan Sukhe-Batorin, Batsur Nerguin
Composer: Erdenebat Sharavyn
Producer: Uranchimeg Tsoghogiin

The little boy, whom his grandmother taught to skate, wins figure skating competitions. Before having time to please her with this news, the boy discovers that his grandmother has died. Not wanting to give his loved one into the hands of death, he recalls his grandmother's story that "if you climb to the top of the hill at dawn, death will disappear." And the boy sets off...
«My Sun»
2 min. 5 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Kirill Vasilyev
SPbGIKiT, 3rd year, workshop of T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director: Maria Odintsova (workshop of A.P. Kalchenko)

Animation about a man who was selfish and did not want to share the sun with others, and eventually it died because of it.
Realizing his mistake, he decides to join the others and share the happiness of the sun with them.
«My Brain Burst Out Laughing»

7 min. 15 sec., Iran

Sound engineer: Sohrab Karamroudi
University Soore

Director: Ali Astaraki

This animation is made experimentally and narrates the war in this world, and human beings ignore the impact of their behavior on their environment.
«Mother's hair»
7 min. 40 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Evgeny Pereyaslavtsev
VGIK, 4th year, workshop of V.K. Litrovnik.

Director: Alexey Evstigneev (workshop of V.P. Lisakovich, A.I. Geleyn)
Operator: Daria Dorofeeva
Producer: Angelina Skitovich (workshop of V.I. Sidorenko)

Lisa was born without hair. To hide this, the girl's mother cuts her own and makes wigs for her daughter. Growing up, Lisa tries to give up the wig made by her mother...
«None of us»

5 min. 30 sec., Germany

Sound engineer: Roman Pogorzelski
Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Director: Deniz Zagli

Composer: Gary Hirche

An animated short film about a boy in fear. His circumcision party turns into a nightmare.

6 min. 42 sec., Hungary

Sound engineer/music: Gábor Sívó
Budapest Metropolitan University

Director: Dóra Csóka
Producer: Melinda Kiss

On one rough day in winter a hunter killed a roe. As it turned out she had a fawn. With this the hunter rushed the fawn into danger. The fawn followed the hunter carrying its mother almost until home, however they lose each other in the snowstorm. At home the family of the hunter is happy for the meat because they don’t have to starve anymore. Despite this the hunter feels guilt for the fawn until the end of his life, because the phantom of the fawn follows him every step of the way. Only his death gives him peace.

4 min. 53 sec., Jordan

Sound engineer: Salsabeel Abuobaid
The University of Petra

Director: Salsabeel Abuobaid

Two pink roses have been taken care of by a woman and man until a blue rose came up and then they were totally neglected.
«Laboratory 66»
7 min. 35 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Alisa Slivinskaya
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of Y.A. Kubitsky.

Directed by: Yulia Rostovskaya
Composer: "13 Piero's Personalities"
Producers: Alexander Gerasimov, Valery Ryabin

The story of the friendship of two mutants who grew up in the gloomy office of one secret laboratory.

And also, the trials faced by one of the characters in different rooms. In them he sees the results of absurd experiments on biological life, but as he travels, he grows and develops.

Break until 17:30

Creative meeting with Marina Landa and Sergei Vasilyev
- composers, authors of music and songs for the popular animated series "Smeshariki", "Pin-Code", "Tima and Tom", "Malyshariki", "Flying Beasts" and many others.
As well as sound engineer Igor Yakovel on the topic: "Features of work in the animation genre".

May 18th, Wednesday

Competition program

Nomination "Debut"

Block 10:30 – 12:00
14 min. 03 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Ekaterina Ognetsova
SPbGIKiT, 3rd year, workshop of T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director: Anastasia Efimenko (workshop of M.G. Zheleznikov)
Operator: Georgy Alexandrov (workshop of N.V. Volkov and S.M. Lando)

A young girl with a deep mental and bodily wound is looking for acceptance of herself.
3 min. 35 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Lev Shaposhnikov
SPbGIKiT, 2nd year, workshop V.M. Persov and M. M. Sheinman.

Director: Daria Ruzanova (workshop of G.V. Voropai)

The sparrow falls into the fountain and meets a swallow, to which he begins to feel something. Swallow wants to fly away... Fly far, far away... But what will happen to the sparrow?
28 min. 31 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Leonid Kalashnikov
SPbGIKiT, 3rd year, workshop of T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director: Elizaveta Verkhozina (workshop of A.M. Antonov)
Operator: Alexander Khromov (workshop of D.A. Dolinin and S.D. Kovalenko)
Composer: Elena Filimonova
Producer: Valeria Golovkina (workshop of N.A. Sabelnikova)

An employee of the provincial library is trying to win back the premises from an imperious official who plans to turn her "temple of the book" a nightclub.
«MK 1113»

10 min. 50 sec., Mexico

Sound engineers: David de la Rosa, Andres Aviles
Centro de Estudios Cinematograficos

Director: David de la Rosa
Operator: Eduardo Valenzuela, Omar Elizalde
Composer: El Conejo de la Luna

In the timelessness of a woman's life, a voice is projected in her unconscious, suppressing the order of her mind with questions about life, death and existence.
«The Road to Venice»
15 min. 00 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Gleb Anikeichik
SPbGIKiT, 2nd year, workshop V. M. Persov and M. M. Sheinman.

Director: Maria Igumnova (workshop of V.E. Vasilyev, V.E. Zakharov)
Operator: Ekaterina Shirshova (workshop of M.Y. Levitin, A.N. Filippov)
Music: Viktor Kuznetsov, Gleb Anikeichik
Producer: Alisa Olishevets (workshop of I.M. Mikhailov-Sobolevsky, N.V. Sabelnikov)

The film tells the story of a girl Katya, who lives in a remote provincial town. She's autistic. Her whole life consists of working in a factory, as well as a kitchen and a TV with two channels.

One day Katya is given a chance to give up everything and leave for happiness - at a snow-covered station she meets a stranger in red...

Break until 12:30

Competition program
Nomination "Best Sound Solution in a Feature Film"
Block 12:30 – 14:00

4 min. 0 sec., USA

Sound engineer: Wenhua Lai
Columbia University in The City of New York

Director: Yupeng He
Operator/producer: Lam Can-Zhao

It is a confrontation between life and death.
«What to do when everything is not the way you want»
3 min. 52 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Ilya Finker
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Director: Vyacheslav Alexandrov (workshop of N.V. Kotyash)
Operator: Egor Alexandrov (workshop of V.V. Volkov, S.M. Lando)
Producer: Valeria Tarasova (workshop of V.Y. Karev)

An anecdote about the sore.
10 min. 41 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Daria Gegeshko
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Director: Sergey Khvostvotsev (workshop of O. A. Kovalova, M. C. Arkhipova)
Operator: Anastasia Dyachkova
Producers: Anastasia Slobodich, Egor Derevyanko

A lonely old man voluntarily protected himself from society, finding a replacement for people in his bird.
24 min. 00 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Alina Iskakova
VGIK, 3rd year, workshop of K.V. Vasilenko.

Director: Malika Mukhamedzhan (workshop of A.A. Eshpaja, V.A. Fenchenko)
Operator: Bagdat Arginov
Producer: Mayra Ikmatova

Karlygash (translated from Kazakh "Swallow") is a high school student in a small village in Kazakhstan. The usual way of life changes with the arrival of Rudolf, a German traveling in Central Asia. There are feelings between the heroes that will present Karlygash with a difficult choice.
«R o m a n c e»

10 min. 53 sec., Georgia

Sound engineer: Zviad Gvilava
Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University

Director: Giorgi Tkemaladze
Operator: Oto Gelashvili, Sandro Kutidze
Producer: Tamar Jabanashvili, Elham Madani

Henry is 20 years old American boy, who is learning a folk music in Georgia. He has a very strange habit, at night he’s singing in the park for amusement. His strange habit gets him in a queer adventure, where he’ll be a hostage, victim, fiancé, sweetheart, knight and participant of a very strange tradition…Everything is happening during several hours at night...
«Delville Wood»

24 min. 59 sec., South Africa

Sound engineer: Diego Shelton
AFDA Johannesburg

Director: Izette Blignaut, Connor Weidemann, Mitchell Weidemann
Operator: Victoria Carvalho, Carniero Leao
Music: Diego Shelton, Vaughan Fourie, Mpho Sebina

Following a brutal artillery barrage on the 17th of July 1916, the South African Army is forced into a tactical retreat. However, through the chaos, a Nurse, a Soldier and an unarmed Stretcher bearer all end up together and have to work as a team in order to survive the night and reach the safety of the reserve trench line.
«My Black Heart»
15 min. 59 sec., Armenia

Sound engineer: Lilith Hovhannisyan
Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema

Directed by: Garush Ghazaryan
Operator: Vahe Terteryan
Producer: Sofya Hovhannisyan

This story is about 50-year-old Poghos, a resident of Yerevan, who was looking forward to his father's 100th birthday to get a Niva car from the government, sell it and pay his bills.

However, the course of events changes dramatically when Grandpa Vachagan dies out of spite on his birthday!

Break until 15:00

Competition program

Nomination "Best Sound Solution in a Feature Film"

Block 15:00 – 17:30
5 min. 35 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Vadim Kaverin
Higher School of Directors and Scriptwriters

Director: Roman Sinitsyn
Operator: Anton Hamaiainen

It would seem that the policeman came to a regular call...
«Within one wall»
6 min. 29 sec., Russia

Sound engineer/composer: Olga Kondeeva
Kazan State Institute of Culture, 4th year, workshop of I.E. Sidenko.

Director: Kamila Silva Akhmedova (workshop of A.A. Barykina)
Operator: Ilya Razumkov (workshop of A.V. Gryunova)
Producer: Evgenia Morozova (workshop of M.L. Aituganova)

A film-reflection on what is happening behind the silent walls of apartments. About the repetition of one scenario of the fate of mother and daughter.
20 min. 10 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Elizaveta Yablonskaya
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of S.S. Vartsan.

Directed by: Vohijon Usmonov
Operator: Hasanhuzha Tursunkhuzhaev
Composer: Kosimjon Samiev
Producer: John Skyler

The film tells about the life of an ordinary woman in an Uzbek village, where traditions often suppress humanity and deprive them of the right to choose.
13 min. 47 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Alla Grigoryan
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of A.A. Hasan-zadeh, E.V. Sladkovskaya, T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director: Serafima Mironova (workshop of O.A. Kovalova, M.V. Arkhipova)
Operator: Vera Kuznetsova
Composer: Alexander Lemeshev
Producer: Ksenia Bogatskaya

How is the soul born?

Having lost a loved one, the boy begins to look at himself and the world around him - his eyesight is transformed. The destroyed idyll becomes the foundation for the creation of a new unique reality.

11 min. 57 sec., Mexico

Sound engineer: Daniel Rincón
Facultad de Cine

Director: Fabiola Villanueva Bernal, Alfonso Villanueva García
Operator: Jorge Rojas
Composer: Guillermo Pita

The routine of Carmela, an old woman living alone, falls apart when she meets her noisy new neighbor, a pianist whose music will break through the physical and emotional walls of Carmela’s life.
«Part of the Circle»
27 min. 33 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Konstantin Chervyakov
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of A.A. Hasan-zadeh, E.V. Sladkovskaya, T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director: Vsevolod Voronov
Operator: Arina Kosmina

The young man returns home from a distant land. He does not come of his own free will - the reason is the recent death of his father, whose funeral his son missed. Alone, to say goodbye to his father, whom he did not bury, he comes to his grave. Here the young man suddenly meets his older sister, an energetic and strong girl. The total loss unites these two completely different people. They have a painful process of building new relationships with each other ahead of them.
29 min. 59 sec., Russia

Sound engineers: Arsenia Dementieva, Ulyana Goryainova
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Director: Anastasia Cheremnykh (workshop of S. M. Ovcharov)
Operator: Asya Legkogova (workshop of V. A Vasilyev, I. M. Bagaev)
Producer: Dana Nikulina (workshop of N. C. Sabelnikova)

In order to correct a negligible computational error, a shy statistician goes to a small settlement and suddenly finds the love and respect of local residents there.

For absenteeism, he is fired from the statistical service, and he expects to stay in the settlement forever and make statistics the science of the future. Suddenly, the daughter of the head of the settlement confesses to the statistics in her painfully strong love, to which he has nothing to answer...
«El rastro de la nada» (The sign of nothing)

11 min. 4 sec., Colombia

Sound engineers: Gaspar Insfran
Universidad Central

Director: Gaspar Insfran

The search for emptiness and its implications in reality (and in dreams).
«Planes fly away»
21 min. 54 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Alexandra Neustroeva
VGIK, 3rd year, workshop of K.V. Vasilenko, E.V. Titova.

Director: Matvey Korablev (workshop of V.V. Menshov, V. Alentov, I. Tumaev)
Cameraman: Anna Soldatova (workshop of M.L. Agranovich)
Producer: Fedor Nazarov (workshop of V.I. Sidorenko)

This story happened in the 90s after a conference in a restaurant. A colleague got hooked on the respected professor. Having learned from her the one he loved 20 years ago, he tried to push her away, but the woman's outlook and originality took him by surprise. Dialogue is like a fencing duel in which there is only one winner.

Break until 18:00

18:00 – 20:00
Master class by Daniil Kostinsky
Producer and director of the project "Night of Ad Eaters" in Russia on the topic: "Advertising as a type of film art."

May 19th Thursday

Competition program

Nomination "Best Sound Solution in a Feature Film"

Block 11:00 – 13:00

«Gunz and Helmets»

17 min. 20 sec., Serbia

Sound engineers: Andrej Ristevski, Dušan Banić
University of Arts in Belgrade

Director: Marko Marjanović Marinčić
Operator: Željko Anđelić
Music: Dušan Banić
Producer: Marko Marušić, Aleksandra Kočijašević

While they strive for success and accomplishment, director Beli and fashion designer Sakis found themselves accused for doing criminal activities by Inspector Stopic.
«The Fan»
31 min. 09 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Dmitry German
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Director/producer: Aurelia Bivol (workshop of A.M. Antonov)
Operator: Aigul Musina
Composer: Alexey Karpov

Once at the "day of the glass", actress Milka is generally satisfied with everything: she has a best friend, a drink and no housing. But everything changes when she meets Alibek, a janitor who sincerely admires her.
«Bleu Nuit»

17 min. 49 sec., France

Sound engineer: Lucie Peixoto
l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Audiovisuel (ENSAV)

Director: Lilou Negre-Pullel
Operator: Margot Decorde
Producer: Jeanne Juquelier

At her father's funeral, Maëlle refuses to continue the ceremony and leaves the cemetery. Her sister Sarah joins her. They take the car and wander all night, without any real destination. Sarah is looking for answers about Maëlle's attitude, who seems to have been keeping a heavy secret for years.
29 min. 19 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Vladislav Vechersky
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of A.A. Hasan-zadeh, E.V. Sladkovskaya, T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director/producer: Roman Blatman (workshop of K.S. Gevorgyan)
Operator: Marina Nasekina (workshop of N.V. Volkov , S.M. Lando)
Composer: Ivan Danilenko
Producer: Valeria Golovkina

The story of betrayal for the sake of a naive and ridiculous dream unfolds in 1991 in the video salon of a provincial city.

The young hero will have to face the first serious decision in his life. Will he be able to make the right choice and at what price will it be given to him?
27 min. 17 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Vasily Chebyshev
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of A.A. Hasan-zadeh, E.V. Sladkovskaya, T.V. Erzova, V.I. Ozemkov.

Director: Vyacheslav Belomestnykh (workshop of A.M. Antonov)
Cameraman: Ekaterina Sidorova (workshop of M.Y. Levitin, A.N. Filippov)
Composer: Alexey A. Karpov
Producer: Anastasia Fadeeva

Based on the story of the same name by V. Rasputin.

Once in love with each other, Nikolai and Anna accidentally meet twenty years later.

For Nikolai, this is a chance to try to return their relationship, so he calls her to celebrate their meeting in his hotel room. However, Anna can't forget her war-deaded husband, whom she still loves.

They have one evening to understand what their "tomorrow" will be like...

Break until 14:30

Competition program

Nomination "Best Sound Solution in a Feature Film"

Block 14:00 – 16:00

11 min. 19 sec., Russia

Sound engineers: Alexander Tsymbalov, Danil Mezentsev
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Director: Ekaterina Pavlyukova (workshop of N.V. Kotyash)
Operator: Alexander Duganov, Vlad Burlaka

The city guy is moving to live in the village.

To join the local gang, he needs to commit a crime.
«Family Ties»
28 min. 33 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Mikhail Daines
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of S.S. Vartsan.

Director: Shamil Yagafarov (workshop of K.S. Lopushansky)
Operator: Yulia Bershak (workshop of M.Y. Levitin, A.N. Filippov)
Producer: Alexey Matveev (workshop of N.V. Sabelnikova)

The young man Alexei found himself in an extremely difficult situation. He should devote most of his time to his mother, who is almost completely paralyzed after a stroke and no longer wants to live...
26 min. 03 sec., Russia

Sound engineer: Denis Gorbatenko
SPbGIKiT, 5th year, workshop of Y.A. Kubitsky.

Director: Vlad Krasnoslobodtsev (workshop of K.S. Lopushansky)
Operator: Nikita Makarenko (workshop of N.V. Volkov, S.M. Lando)

Our hero is Slava. He lives in the province, knows perfectly well what it's like to understand "by concepts" and how to stand up for himself in the boy's showdowns.

But one day he "overdoes" by sending his opponent to a coma.

Now the guy faces prison and his goal is to avoid punishment. It would seem that there are all the conditions for this: connections in the police, the absence of witnesses and warm relations formed in a short period of time with the victim's family... because they have no idea who committed the crime.

But Slava himself knows it, and this is perhaps the most important obstacle in his way...
«Dördüncü Duvar» (Fourth Wall)

8 min. 47 sec., Turkey

Sound engineer: Samet Çıtak
Kadir Has University

Director/producer: Mehmet Kaan Karataş
Operator: H. Furkan Düzgün
Composer: Harum Kaya
Producer: Esra Kutlu

A young worker in the art department of a TV series set loses his life while painting the decor. Two days after his death, Enver the director notices the uncompleted wall paint and has to stop shooting. Through the first five minutes of this break, what would be spoken and what would be not?
«On the Last Way»
29 min. 46 sec., Russia

Sound engineers: Anastasia Yurkova, Daria Gegeshko, Arsenia Dementieva, Ulyana Goryainova
SPbGIKiT, 4th year, workshop of P.V. Volynkina, M.M. Sheinman.

Director: Dina Semykina (workshop of K.S. Lopushansky)
Operator: Ivan Turukhano
Producer: Victoria Chernova

This is a story about an elderly woman - Nina Andreevna Cherkasskaya. She devoted her whole life to training dogs in the circus and has been living alone for many years.

On the eve of the anniversary, Nina comes to the city to perform at a creative evening. On the day of the performance, it turns out that her name is not on the list of invited guests...

Break until 16:30

16:30 - 19:30
Pavel Doreuli's master class on the topic: "Sound design in cinema"
Pavel Doreuli is a sound engineer, three-time winner of the "Golden Eagle” Award, a member of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia, a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a member of M.P.S.E. studio, founder of the “Atmosphere” studio, sound engineer of such films as: “Once Upon a Time in the Desert”, “Humpbacked Horse” and many others, sound designer of such films as: “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, “Stalingrad”, “Faust”, “Duelist” and many others.

May 20th, Friday

12:00 – 15:00
Round table with jury members, special guests of the festival and representatives of the film industry on trends in the development of the profession.
16:00 – 19:00
Closing of the festival
Awarding and screening of winners' films
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